Songs included are :

1. Kick Me
2. Go Go Go
3. “Gold”
4. “Save Me a Spark”
5. “Fly”
6. “The Strays”
7. “Left Alone”
8. “Better Off Dead”
9. “We Like It Loud”
10. “Heroine”
11. “November”
12. “Madness”
13. “Don’t Say Anything”

I’m not really a big fan of theirs, but when I first heard ‘fly’, it made me crave more of their songs. I ended up listening to the whole album, which is their latest. It is less hard core compared to their other albums.

Actually, it came to me when I was at rage with myself early this week. Since I only have pop songs in my phone, I searched for something like this genre and the perfect song was “King for a Day” (by Pierce the Veil, but they collaborated with Kellin Quinn) The song went on repeat and it made me a bit more calm. Kellin’s voice is outrageous because he sounds like a girl when singing (don’t take it the wrong way, okay) though it’s very appealing and smooth.

Their songs helped me a lot because it is not only filled with kicking beats, amazing sound drops, but it also has meanings. Their songs are not only full of screamos and shouting. It tells a story and sometimes, you get the feels out of it. I believe that their songs are perfect when you are feeling down, but whatever the means, they offer great hits for you!!

In conclusion, bands are the best! They are life and they rock our world! They are soul-savers. They make US who WE are.

I could never imagine a ‘band less’ life.