“I don’t know”

Yes, this is the most annoying thing to hear when simply asking someone what they want to do or where to go, but at least try to put yourself in their shoes sometimes.

Besides those famous lines that people always tell, there’s also this phrase “I don’t know”.

I know because this one is also favorite lines. It may seem dumb but sometimes, I just think of the most enjoying thing a person would do when he is with me (you know, just wanting to make him comfortable and forget about the world once in a while) and I just end up making him pissed – or worse, feeling unimportant.

It happens maybe because my mind always get overclouded with thoughts that I want to do but can’t think of a way to make it real in life. It can also be that I can’t put some trust enough in the thoughts and just think they are too plain or too extraordinary – it’s either of the two.

I don’t do this all the time. Sometimes, I plan out things, but not frequently. If I only have the brightest of ideas, I wouldn’t mind sharing it to everybody in every corner of this world.


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