The key to everything is balance, nothing else, just balance. Try to put it this way:

If there is good, there will be bad

feeling lucky? wait for your turn

every problem comes with a solution

broken inside? time will heal you

there is time for games and there is for seriousness

friends are great but still obey and love your parents

downfall? there is success around the corner

dark clouds? the sun will appear any minute now

heavy times? even those hard ones, it will be lighter later on

prose or poetry?

in love? don’t forget other people, okay?

be silent and be loud

rule makers equals rule breakers

listen quietly and talk with all might

hold on to important things and let go of those which are not

wrong things happen for right things to come

do things now or, maybe later? you choose.

learn to love yourself and love others more

it’s either you walk forward or backward.

you are not the only sinner, but you can still repent for them and pray.

life is a mess? life is quite wonderful.


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