I’m really amazed yet shocked in this generation I’m living. Different people with different stories. A lot of gadgets and machines helping us in our daily lives. New creations every single day. Dreams of different kinds are made and pursued. Problems go here and there.

  We can all see that nowadays, fashion gets shorter and shorter as for what the age is and as for phones, the larger, the better. More people turn bisexual. Young people think that they are all grown up and ready to face the world and on the other hand, older people act like they have had enough of life because of all the things they have gone through, and just jack off. Intelligence is measured by how high your grades are and how many honors you have. Respect is going out of tune and gets replaced by Y.O.L.O. Bullying gets worse. Love is made the fast way. There are more numbers of teenage pregnancy. Things are made easier with the help of everyday tools which makes one lazier. The beautiful nature being trashed and stacked with wide sub divisions and villages. Politicians are more corrupt. Girls want those thigh gaps and skinny bodies. Men being addicted to games and drugs. Videos of animals being tortured are viral just for entertainment. Children getting into cyber sex. There are crimes everywhere yet no justice for those who are in need. Money being spent to buy useless things instead of saving it. Drugs being overused in the worst way. Most people aren’t happy to the extent that. they are just living, waiting to be dead peacefully. 

  There’s no way that we could bring back the ‘better’ past of ours with less sorrows and problems. What we have to do now is to live with what we’re faced with. It’s just a whole lot different now. It’s a generation boom. It’s like what some people say, ”it’s the 21st century, gotta live like it”. 


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