Communication assignment #5

Suspension of DJ Mo Twister


  DJ Mo is with Magic 89.9 in the radio show ‘Good Times’ with his co-host Suzy. Both were suspended for five months for putting up a sex-related topic on the show. They were currently filled by new DJ’s, Sam Oh and Gibb. They will be back before or after Christmas. “No guys, we didn’t do a rape joke. It was a sex-related topic though that got us suspended. That damn sex. Gives you diseases and suspensions,” Mo said.

  I could only say that one should know his limitations. Of course, DJ’s know that there are a lot of people listening to them on air so they should be more careful about the topics they are gonna talk about because it’s not just the adults, who listen to the radio nowadays, but includes the minors to be more updated about things.  There are a lot more varieties of topics that can be discussed on air. Besides, it’s not just sex that keeps the listeners pumped, right? 

  If one cannot control the foul words from coming out of his mouth, it can be censored or for better, just stop the conversation about the whole thing because it’ll just hurt the listener’s hearts and ears. Not all people want the same thing but one DJ should know how to sort out. In my point of view, the most important quality a DJ should have is the knowledge on how to balance out things – for the better and worse.  


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