Communication assignment #4

Broadcasters or Performers?


  In my point of view, there are different kinds of broadcasters. There are ones who tackle the field of news, talk shows, lifestyle and many more. People are expecting straight to the point information from a broadcaster, especially from newscasters for they’re the ones whom give out about the happenings which one cannot find himself alone.

  This thing about broadcasters being ‘performers’ is spreading. If you notice, some broadcasters even get to promote about a certain product which will cost them more money but less information given out to people listening to them. It’s not a good practice for a broadcaster because promoting products will just eat their ‘serious time’.

    I mean what’s the purpose of being a broadcaster if one will just keep on suggesting or promoting products to people? Nothing good because people will not be able to receive the information they really need to know. I think that it’s better to do what you’re assigned with than to take advantage of it and one should learn how to stick with the plan.


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