Communication assignment #6

Favorite Movie

  Since then, movies keep on coming from here and there, whether a good movie or not. It has a wide variety in our time now because we, people, are not satisfied without the presence of the so called ‘moving pictures’. It moves along with our life now, compared to the life of the movies back then, which only a few can catch a glimpse with because first, not everyone can afford to buy a television set or go to the cinemas. Second, it is only aired on selected channels and areas and lastly, not everyone can appreciate the quality of movies back then so, that makes the movies a hit today in the mainstream.

To pick out just one favorite movie out of the thousands out there, is just so hard because I have already seen a lot of wonderful and block buster movies. Well, on top of all, I came up with a basis with the genre, how the story goes, dynamics, sets, and the level of coolness of the movie. With three days of thinking, I chose “Life of Pi”.


  This is a very inspiring movie and it’s cool because it has a tiger in it and not all movies have that. I can’t imagine how a man and a tiger can be together on the same boat because we all know that tigers are viscous and it can eat a man alive in just a few seconds but still, the two (man and tiger) still managed to look after one’s back even though it’s a rough wave for them. There are a lot of beautiful life lessons that can be inferred here. First, I learned that, everyone really needs a companion, even if it is not alike himself. Second, there is always hope. Third, life always has a rough wave for us people, it’s not just always sunshine and beautiful weather. Fourth, it is wonderful to live, and last but not the least, even though you cannot see God physically, he is always there for you no matter what happens.

  In the end of the movie, the two were washed off along the shores after a long journey in the deep blue sea. Suddenly, there were men that saw the two castaways, so, the men helped out the human castaway and the tiger ran away and the two never saw each other again. The man cried when his companion left him but he cannot do anything about it because he is not the one controlling the tiger’s life. But I think the reason why the tiger did that is because it wants the man to be saved and maybe it thought that, they already shared a wonderful journey and it’s time for them to take a break and live their lives as it is.

  Life of Pi is such a breath taking movie. It just leaves me speechless yet inspired, and amazed at the same time,


Communication assignment #5

Suspension of DJ Mo Twister


  DJ Mo is with Magic 89.9 in the radio show ‘Good Times’ with his co-host Suzy. Both were suspended for five months for putting up a sex-related topic on the show. They were currently filled by new DJ’s, Sam Oh and Gibb. They will be back before or after Christmas. “No guys, we didn’t do a rape joke. It was a sex-related topic though that got us suspended. That damn sex. Gives you diseases and suspensions,” Mo said.

  I could only say that one should know his limitations. Of course, DJ’s know that there are a lot of people listening to them on air so they should be more careful about the topics they are gonna talk about because it’s not just the adults, who listen to the radio nowadays, but includes the minors to be more updated about things.  There are a lot more varieties of topics that can be discussed on air. Besides, it’s not just sex that keeps the listeners pumped, right? 

  If one cannot control the foul words from coming out of his mouth, it can be censored or for better, just stop the conversation about the whole thing because it’ll just hurt the listener’s hearts and ears. Not all people want the same thing but one DJ should know how to sort out. In my point of view, the most important quality a DJ should have is the knowledge on how to balance out things – for the better and worse.  

Communication assignment #4

Broadcasters or Performers?


  In my point of view, there are different kinds of broadcasters. There are ones who tackle the field of news, talk shows, lifestyle and many more. People are expecting straight to the point information from a broadcaster, especially from newscasters for they’re the ones whom give out about the happenings which one cannot find himself alone.

  This thing about broadcasters being ‘performers’ is spreading. If you notice, some broadcasters even get to promote about a certain product which will cost them more money but less information given out to people listening to them. It’s not a good practice for a broadcaster because promoting products will just eat their ‘serious time’.

    I mean what’s the purpose of being a broadcaster if one will just keep on suggesting or promoting products to people? Nothing good because people will not be able to receive the information they really need to know. I think that it’s better to do what you’re assigned with than to take advantage of it and one should learn how to stick with the plan.