There’s this girl…

  She loves being with people but sometimes, she just wants to be left alone. She will just listen to some songs and observe silence. She wants something good to happen without even striving hard for it, that’s why nothing good happens to her. She really loves when the blue skies turn to gray and the rain starts to fall, she will quickly stop what she is doing at the moment, and will run outside and feel the presence of the hard rain. She is willing to be left behind and fall down for those people she care for. She is still confused on what she will have to attain in life, but knows where to start. She just doesn’t have the guts to prove to the whole world, that she can, for she thinks that the world is just a humongous monster, ready to eat her any moment. 

  You think she’s just like any typical girl? Think twice. She’s a boyish girl. She cares for others too much rather herself. She loves eating ice cream and anything else cold when it’s raining. She wants to be a supermodel yet doesn’t have the body, beauty and confidence to show. She became ashamed of herself because she thinks she’s just nothing.

  She has a broken family, mother still existing, while the father is gone. Yet she heard stories that her father left the family, she still wants to feel the love and find her father because ones life is incomplete without the other. She wants to see her father for her mother told her that she looks like her father, with the little eyes as resemblance. When the time comes that they are going to meet each other, the girl will simply welcome her father in her arms and hug him tightly and look him right straight in the eyes because she’s too glad about the meet up. 

  She has great people around, surrounding her but she still craves for more love. She wants to experience that romantic story where the boy gets to hug her when she’s down, tell her stories, laugh with her, lie under the night sky and point out the wonderful stars with her, stay under the rain and dance the night away. But what she’s dreaming of is kind like impossible for it is just a childish act. 

  This girl loves the glowing and sparkling stars in the night sky, especially the roundness of the moon. She gets disappointed every time she sees the night sky empty of stars because the stars are just one of the things that make her happy. She wants to travel the other side of the world and not sleep so she’ll not miss any event. She has an outrageous imagination. She knows things but not everything.

  She wants the society and the world to accept her, but she’s not making the efforts to do so. How can one be cruel to thyself. 


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