Communication assignment #3

Do you agree that magazines promote the negative self of women??


  What a chic mag contains: fashion, trends, make up, well-toned models, great articles, inspiring stories, embarrassing confessions and a lot more.. What else could one wish for? It’s like a handy for women nowadays for they can indulge in such things: magazines that give info about every lad has to know. From those latest trends down to the most hottest. It makes women in the ‘loop’ even though not all magazines contain the same info’s. 

  I strongly disagree about that thing on negativity. Women sometimes just rely on what they see and read in the mag so it’s a big help to fit in or be updated. Magazines just show on what more a woman can be rather than be the plain ol’ simple ‘her’. The world is a huge runway, it just serves as a guide line for women. It even serves women on how to deal with their ‘better self’. In other words, magazines just help out promote ones inner diva. 

  If the latest trends are out, women tend to have or buy that because they know that it can make themselves better and wholesome. Nobody wants to be left behind, right? That’s one purpose of settling out things for women. About those, tall, skinny and toned models on the magazine our professor mentioned, they also pose for a cause. They make women step to a higher level and love themselves even more, They just don’t pose to make other people envy them you know, It’s a part of their job to be looked up to as role models. With the aid of their help, women are introduced to the world of beauty and glam. 


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