Task Uno: The Write Up #wimtern

“You will never know, unless you try”, this is the quotation I have been holding onto since high school. I believe that it is to take the risks, from small steps to big leaps, so that the curiosity and drive inside can be set free.


Let me introduce myself, I am Ma. Ezra Jessica M. Fajardo, now in my fourth year as a communication arts student in Far Eastern University, Manila. I am a mother to an adorable one year old baby. I describe myself as a free spirit, with a brave heart – because I would never be who I am now if it wasn’t for the strength and compassion I have.

Writing is such a wonderful art, and it is one the things I love, back even when I was a little tyke. I can remember starting off with the greeting cards I make for my grandmother and other relatives every time there is a special occasion. Of course, there are drawings that come with each.

The journey continued as I started to study in elementary, I observed that little by little, I am falling in love with our subject, English, although it was hard at first, but I managed to pass through because of reading and especially, writing. Heading to secondary level, I practiced my skills, where I became more aware of grammar and proper use of tenses. I felt very glad every time a classmate of mine asks help in revising his paper or just with simple verb agreements. In my four years, I could say that the greatest achievements were being chosen as one of having the best written essays – it may also be in Tagalog, then being part of our school paper, Papyrus. It was the best years I could say. Later on, in college, I contributed some articles to a newspaper and I am always assigned as the writer when it comes to group activities. Also, back in second year – in addition to some achievements, I was honored to contribute an article in the newspaper, Business Mirror.



Being a mother while still attending school at the same time, is tedious. Many would say to me that what I did was the most sinful – as I am an only child, and that it was too early for me to commit to such a huge responsibility and yes, I admit, all of those are true but, it was the biggest wake-up call in my life, it made my world turn upside down and inside out. With all the negativity it brought me, there comes a dash of happiness and positivity, because now, I have a little angel to come home to and take away all the stress from everyday life. She helps me wake up early and made me a lot more responsible for so many things. I cannot thank God enough for giving me such a beautiful present.

There, I shared what should be known from Ezra Fajardo, and I am not afraid of what people would think of me, because we all live different lives, and each one has their own story to tell.

But still, one question remains. Why should I be the one to have the opportunity as an intern of When In Manila? Honestly, coming up with this piece is hard, it took me days to finish this, because I know that many are out there more deserving than me, smarter, more hard working, and more flexible than me but, I challenged myself to do so because this is my passion and this is what keeps me sane, writing. I would love to take on with this kind of experience because I know it will lead me to a better path and my skills will come to life again.

Indeed, I am very excited to experience this once in a life time chance because I will be getting to do what I love most, and sharing this moment with a different and new environment.


I Want to be a Mermaid

  It sounds crazy, but I want to be a mermaid, It has always been it this thought of mine, even back when I was a little tyke. I adore Ariel of The Little Mermaid; her long, silky red hair, her beautiful face, her personality and of course, her fishtail hehe. I find her adventures really fun, and the treasures she find under the deep, blue sea are just really great for a little girl, who also dreams to be like her when she grows up.

  I always wonder about how it would feel of having a long fishtail and just spending your whole life underwater; don’t get tired of swimming, being able to communicate with the fishes and the whole ocean itself, and sleeping on bedrocks or sea caves. Discovering new things everyday that other people wouldn’t find because you’re the only one who is not afraid to swim in the depths. 

  Just hearing the majestic sound of the calm waves, the bubbles, and the whales. Even the sound of vastness. Witnessing the incredible underwater life; how the corals sway, having a traffic jam because of the pile of big fishes crossing, and also, how the life proceeds from daylight to night time. 

  Though, there’s a little catch, I want to be alone. I just want to spend my life in the quiet way. No other people, no noise made. Just the body of water, and me. At peace with my soul.

‘The Majestic Mermaid’ borrowed this one from a friend




Songs included are :

1. Kick Me
2. Go Go Go
3. “Gold”
4. “Save Me a Spark”
5. “Fly”
6. “The Strays”
7. “Left Alone”
8. “Better Off Dead”
9. “We Like It Loud”
10. “Heroine”
11. “November”
12. “Madness”
13. “Don’t Say Anything”

I’m not really a big fan of theirs, but when I first heard ‘fly’, it made me crave more of their songs. I ended up listening to the whole album, which is their latest. It is less hard core compared to their other albums.

Actually, it came to me when I was at rage with myself early this week. Since I only have pop songs in my phone, I searched for something like this genre and the perfect song was “King for a Day” (by Pierce the Veil, but they collaborated with Kellin Quinn) The song went on repeat and it made me a bit more calm. Kellin’s voice is outrageous because he sounds like a girl when singing (don’t take it the wrong way, okay) though it’s very appealing and smooth.

Their songs helped me a lot because it is not only filled with kicking beats, amazing sound drops, but it also has meanings. Their songs are not only full of screamos and shouting. It tells a story and sometimes, you get the feels out of it. I believe that their songs are perfect when you are feeling down, but whatever the means, they offer great hits for you!!

In conclusion, bands are the best! They are life and they rock our world! They are soul-savers. They make US who WE are.

I could never imagine a ‘band less’ life.

The right words, the right time.

sara barnard

Fourteen years ago, I wrote a story about a girl.

I was thirteen at the time, and writing stories was what I did. And not just about girls. Planets that spoke to each other, mice who lived in the Underground, magic meerkats and friendly boats. Writing was my thing; it was beyond a hobby and more than just something I enjoyed. It was how I understood the world. Words had all the magic and possibility anyone could ever need. Put them in the right order, and you could create a world of your own. And maybe, if you got them just right, that world would be a place that would mean something to other people.

I’d written countless stories by the time I was thirteen – the first at age 6, in which the acknowledgements page listed all our family pets by name, including the guinea pigs – of varying length…

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A poem from the future


Editor’s note: This poem kicks off a new “Question Worth Asking” series: “How weird will the future be?” First up: a piece from poet and TED Fellow Ben Burke.

[Dear Helen- So sorry. Didn’t have time to write that poem. But my future self sent me one yesterday. So we’re good. Crazy, right? It’s totally legit and actually from the future, so no need to double-check, you’re probably too busy anyway. Happy New Year!  – Ben Burke]



I arrived in the basket that was weaved here before me
And I stayed in any place with a roof that would store me
I have lots of belongings
But didn’t pack for the trip
I got here, they put pants on me
And then the world gave me the slip

I’ve lived as slowly as…

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There’s an unpredictability to the grayness of days in our cove by this water, us in this dent on the edge of the west. As if caught in an eddy, our Bay sends swirls of dark air to engulf us and wrap our landscape in mystery. It is something circadian, yet somehow always sudden.

When I was young, we would visit my grandparents in the Oakland hills, winding up and up the steep streets to the top where on a clear day you could see San Francisco glinting like a toy in a blue pool. But most visits, we’d arrive fresh out of the hot valley where we lived, full of sun and heat and sweat, and find that an eerie world of cool clouds had swallowed everything around us. In the dead of summer, when home was shining bright, we’d find ourselves in darkness.

Now this fog is a part of…

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